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Keynote Speaker - Dr. Tim Tyson

Dr. Tim Tyson, named one of Georgia's High Performance Principals by State Governor Sonny Perdue, served as the principal of Mabry Middle School in Cobb County, Georgia. The School Library Journal has referred to Dr. Tyson as the "Pied Piper of Educational Technology," and his innovative use of technology to maximize student achievement has been featured in a variety of national education magazines. Also, under his leadership, Mabry Middle School earned the prestigious School of Distinction Award for Technology Innovation from Intel Corporation and Scholastic.

Dr. Tyson began the school's annual, student-led, digital film festival which has received attention from the Lucas Foundation, Georgia Public Broadcasting, and internationally renowned education reformers., a collection of over 100 blogs which served as the school web presence through June of 2007, features his former students', teachers', and administrators' digital media creations, and served up over 1.5 million files a month to users all over the world. The site also offers the Global Learning Collaborative, an interactive project collaborative for educators, practitioners, and students around the world.

Hundreds of educators from all over the country and several foreign countries visited Mabry during his tenure there to see firsthand the innovative ways technology was being used to maximize student achievement. Though a self-described geek, Dr. Tyson believes that technology is neither "the answer nor the magic bullet" but a tool that, when appropriately leveraged, brings people together so that they can collaboratively create and share with unprecedented ease and facility.

When he is not traveling, reading, dabbling with photography, digital video, or on the computer, he enjoys arranging and composing music. With a global vision for making our world a better place, he values the creation of beauty in all of the many different forms it can take--the most powerful of which, and closest to his heart, is helping children reach their highest potential.

His passion is unmistakable, and his goal in every keynote address and workshop is the same: to empower people by making learning irresistible.


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